Battle of Jankau 5th March 1645

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Battle of Jankau 5th March 1645

Post by nevermore » Tue Apr 02, 2013 7:59 am

Battle of Jankau 5th March 1645

Both sides had around 16,000 men. No quarter was given to either side, which would result in a complete victory for the Swedes. The Swedes had superior and more mobile artillery, thus giving them the ability to react quickly to changes on the battlefield. Only 7,000 of the combined Austrian Bavarian imperial army escaped the slaughter.[4] The majority of the army was either killed or captured when the Imperial center was surrounded, including the Imperial armies commander-in-chief Hatzfeld. Between 4,000 and 5,000 prisoners were taken.

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Imperial and Swedish Forces
Battle of Jankau
6 March l645
Swedish (Protestant) Army:
Commanding Officer: Lennart Torstensson
Right Wing Horse:
lst Line: Wittenberg
Feltmarskall Liv Cuirassier Regiment (4 sqns)
A. Wittenberg Cuirassier Regiment (4 sqns)
R. Jordan (Livland) Cuirassier Regiment (4 sqns)
K. Gustav (Courland) Cuirassier Regiment (4 sqns)
Markgraf Cuirassier Regiment (2 sqns)
Raabe Cuirassier Regiment (2 sqns)
Witzleben Cuirassier Regiment (4 sqns)
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2nd Line:
G.Derfflinger Cuirassier Regiment (4 sqns)
J.Goldstein Cuirassier Regiment (4 sqns)
K.Galbrecht Cuirassier Regiment (4 sqns)
A.Lillie Cuirassier Regiment (4 sqns)
M.Rochow Cuirassier Regiment (4 sqns)
Center Foot: Mortaigne
lst Line:
Ribbing (Vastgota) Infantry Regiment (l/2 bns)
Stalarm (Bjorneberg) Infantry Regiment (2 bns)
Feltmarskal Liv Infantry Regiment (2 bns)
G.Wrangel Infantry Regiment (2 bns)
L.Lindes Infantry Regiment (2 bns)
K.Mortaigne Infantry Regiment (2 bns)
J.Paikull Infantry Regiment (2 bns)
P.Seestedt Infantry Regiment (2 bns)
D.Wolckmar Infantry Regiment (2 bns)
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2nd Line:
A.Lillie Infantry Regiment (2 bns)
J.Koppy Infantry Regiment (2 bns)
G.Lewenhaupt Infantry Regiment (2 bns)
M.Jordan Infantry Regiment (2 bns)
Left Wing Horse:
lst Line: R.Douglas
Tiedemann Cuirassier Regiment (4 sqns)
Avancourt Cuirassier Regiment (4 sqns)
R.Douglas Cuirassier Regiment (4 sqns)
G.Horn of Marienburg Cuirassier Regiment (4 sqns)
J.Hammerstein Cuirassier Regiment (4 sqns)
Landgraf von Hessen-Darmstadt Cuirassier Regiment (6 sqns)
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2nd Line:
K.Reichardt Cuirassier Regiment (4 sqns)
O.Dannenberg Cuirassier Regiment (4 sqns)
Riesengrun Cuirassier Regiment (4 sqns)
F.("Dreis") Buttler Cuirassier Regiment (4 sqns)
Reuschel Cuirassier Regiment (4 sqns)
Pentz Cuirassier Regiment (4 sqns)
Muller Cuirassier Regiment (4 sqns)
J.Goldstein Dragoon Regiment (3 sqns)
Pegantillaon Squadron
(split up and dismounted to provide fire support for the
first line of horse.)
Artillery: Sommerfeldt
6 3pdr field guns
36 3pdr regimental guns
Artillery Reserve:
l8 24pdr & l2pdr guns
Total: 6,l00 foot, 8,l00 horse & 800 dragoons
Imperial (Catholic) Army:
Commander: Melchior Hatzfeld
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Imperial Infantry:
Ferrari Infantry Regiment
Bunau Infantry Regiment
Knorring Infantry Regiment
Riesdesel Infantry Regiment
M.Gallas Infantry Regiment
Barwik (Fernemont) Infantry Regiment
Wachenheimb Infantry Regiment
Enckhevoert Infantry Regiment
Reich Infantry Regiment
D.Sparr Infantry Regiment
Fernberger Infantry Regiment
W.Baden-Baden Infantry Regiment
Schifer Infantry Regiment
der Mers Infantry Regiment
Conti Infantry Regiment
J.Colloredo Infantry Regiment
L. Burian Waldstein Infantry Regiment
Henderson Infantry Regiment
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Bavarian Infantry:
F.Mercy Infantry Regiment
Ruischenberg Infantry Regiment
Cobb Infantry Regiment
Holtz Infantry Regiment
Winterscheid Infantry Regiment
F.Fugger Infantry Regiment
W.Gil de Haes Infantry Regiment
Imperial Horse:
Pompeji Cuirassier Regiment
Trauditsch Cuirassier Regiment
M.Hatzfeld Cuirassier Regiment
Beck Cuirassier Regiment
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Waldeck Cuirassier Regiment
M.Nassau-Dillenburg Cuirassier Regiment
Alt-Piccolomini Cuirassier Regiment
Jung-Piccolomini Cuirassier Regiment
Hennet Cuirassier Regiment
Pallavicini-Sforza Cuirassier Regiment
L.Salm Cuirassier Regiment
L.Gonzaga Cuirassier Regiment
Spinola de Buray Cuirassier Regiment
Tapp von Almesloe Cuirassier Regiment
Helmar von Knigge Cuirassier Regiment

Bassompierre Cuirassier Regiment
Stahl von Hohenstein Cuirassier Regiment
Gissenburg Cuirassier Regiment
Lannoy Cuirassier Regiment
Krafft zu Lammerstorf Cuirassier Regiment
L.H.Nassau-Dillenburg Cuirassier Regiment
Velradt Cuirassier Regiment
Königsegg Cuirassier Regiment
Luttke Cuirassier Regiment
J.Kolowrat Cuirassier Regiment
S.Götz Cuirassier Regiment
H.Mercy Cuirassier Regiment
Walt Cuirassier Regiment
Vernier Cuirassier Regiment
Marcovich Croatian Cavalry Regiment
Bavarian Horse:
J.Werth Cuirassier Regiment
G.Huyn von Geleen Cuirassier Regiment
Kolb von Rindorf Cuirassier Regiment
Lapierre Cuirassier Regiment
Koselcky Cuirassier Regiment
Fleckenstein Cuirassier Regiment
Spork Cuirassier Regiment
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Saxon Horse:
Hanau Cuirassier regiment
Kahlenburg Cuirassier regiment
Gersdorff Cuirassier regiment
Schleinitz Cuirassier regiment
Rucker Cuirassier regiment
500 Bavarians
Okand Styrka (Imperial)
4 l2pdrs
2 6pdrs
20 3pdrs
Total l0,600 Imperials, 5,000 Bavarians, & l,400 Saxons

Another 50 photos unloaded on the website part 2 next week
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Re: Battle of Jankau 5th March 1645

Post by Churchill » Tue Apr 02, 2013 9:11 am

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Re: Battle of Jankau 5th March 1645

Post by nevermore » Tue Apr 02, 2013 9:49 am

Cheers Ray, this seemed not so long ago just a few regiments, great the way the club members pulled together to get it this far within a year,always periods to do, we are still working on the Russo-Jap war and doing research on Port Arthur ... we just gotta do that battle !!!! and believe it or not working on the movie Alien .. lol bloody mad us wargamers.
Still pulling out those WSS pictures and edit them, send me your home address and i will post a data cd to you with all the photos as Paul is sending the battle report and pics to a certain mag.
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Re: Battle of Jankau 5th March 1645

Post by Friedrich August I. » Tue Apr 02, 2013 10:01 am

Very beautiful painted miniatures. Must have been a great gaming day :D
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Re: Battle of Jankau 5th March 1645

Post by obriendavid » Tue Apr 02, 2013 4:15 pm

I really enjoy seeing all the pics of your TYW games Malc
great stuff as ever.
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Re: Battle of Jankau 5th March 1645

Post by peterpimlico » Tue Apr 02, 2013 6:45 pm

Wonderful display!
Regards .... Peter
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Re: Battle of Jankau 5th March 1645

Post by Rob Herrick » Wed Apr 03, 2013 3:36 am

That's one hell of a Thirty Years War collection. It reminds me of the old days, several gaming groups ago, before the ECW collections scattered to the four winds.

What rule set were you using?
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Re: Battle of Jankau 5th March 1645

Post by nevermore » Thu Apr 04, 2013 9:28 am

Sorry for delay, rules are Pike and Shot mixed up with Father Tilly, we also added some of our rules which seemed to make the games give that feel of the period ... got to remember we have very large games at the club so they need to be fast and bloody and finished by the end of the evening.
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