White Russia and Ahtyrka Hussars

OK, so after two years I've finally given in to having a section of the FORUM specifically set up to discuss painting techniques, display examples, show your latest projects and chat about this vital part of the hobby. Manufacturers please feel free to post up your sculpts, ask questions about what the gamers are after and generally promote your work.. no charge! Painters, please also feel free to post up your work for comment and critique. I can't promise the unreserved adulation characteristic of some other fora but I would hope you'd get constructive and measured comment!
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Re: White Russia and Ahtyrka Hussars

Post by Greystreak » Wed Feb 10, 2016 10:25 pm

Gunfreak wrote:Thanks, my hussars are based on Leipzig, would pennants been more common by then?
Officially, no pennons for hussars, with the two 'exceptions' mentioned by Stephen above: lance pennons/pennants were a key distinguishing characteristic of the 10 regiments of Uhlans. The most in-depth discussion of this topic I have seen was on the Napoleon Series Forum, back in 2011: http://www.napoleon-series.org/cgi-bin/ ... ;id=126073 . I hope you find it useful.
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Re: White Russia and Ahtyrka Hussars

Post by Gunfreak » Thu Feb 11, 2016 11:45 am

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