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Questions re BTLB rules

Posted: Sun Dec 01, 2013 1:07 pm
by Herkybird

We did our first try out of BTLB at our club yesterday, http://herkybird-richardbradley.blogspo ... urkey.html - and had a few difficulties understanding the rules!

(1) Do units which contact another unit at an angle align elements by rotation or sideslipping, or do they stay in the alignment of first contact?
(2) If 2 units declare a charge from the same direction (IE in case one of them fails to charge), is one of the charges cancelled?
(3) If a mounted unit declares an 'All or Nothing charge' and the morale check prevents the charge going in, can that unit make another attempt to 'All or Nothing charge' in a subsequent turn?

We made decisions on the day re these questions, but I would be interested to see if we are mistaken!

There were many more rules that looked right when we read them, but less clear when playing, but I think between us, the players figured out what was meant!

(One example was a player who thought melee bonuses modified a single die roll, like in shooting. I assume we are right that you throw more dice and hit on a 4+ in melee?)

Thanks in anticipation from the League of Experts! :D

Re: Questions re BTLB rules

Posted: Sun Dec 01, 2013 5:47 pm
by flick40
Hi and welcome to the boards.

The first question I think you are asking if you square up after contact in a charge, the answer is no. You are not precluded from doing so if you feel it looks neater and decide to add it as a house rule.

Is second question is about multiple charges on the same target? The answer is you can charge the same target with more than one unit but it has to be from different directions with limit of three, front, side and rear.

Number three, yes you may attempt the All or Nothing several times but can actually only perform it a single time. Once you succeed you may not try any further attempts.

Hope that helps, I am on the road and dont have my rules so I cannot give you page references, sorry.


Re: Questions re BTLB rules

Posted: Sun Dec 01, 2013 6:38 pm
by Herkybird
Thanks for the prompt reply! - I am reassured that in our game we chose the right options!

I really look forward to our next game! :P