How should i base Ross brigade at Blenheim.

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How should i base Ross brigade at Blenheim.

Post by Gunfreak » Sat Mar 12, 2016 8:42 pm

So this brigade concist of 3 regiments with 1 to 4 squadrons, but all regiments are close to 340 men in strength.

I see 3 ways.

1. 1 squadron each, giving then 1 base each dismounted. That would make them very brittle
2. 2 regiments of 1 squadron, and take the left overs and give it to the third regiment and make it a 2 squadrons 2 dismounted base unit.

3. Delete the 3rd regiment and make two 2 squadrons regiments.

Because the total strength of the brigade would be 24 figures or 4 BLB squadrons.

I'm leaning towards 3. As it would make them less brittle as 2 dismounted bases.
But it would mean less uniform variety!
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