Using BLB for Vienna 1683

Any questions relating to Beneath the Lily Banners rule system.
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Using BLB for Vienna 1683

Post by Killerkatanas » Wed Mar 15, 2017 10:10 pm


I am wondering if anyone has used BLB for fighting the Wars of the Turkenkrieg? I am interested in Vienna 1683 mostly, and I have troops for Poles, Saxons, Imperials, and Turks, with Tartars and Bavarians to follow, all in 15mm. My group has been trying to play the "Lace Wars"
rules by Stephen Danes, but we are having a difficult going at it.

I have BLB2, but have not read them yet. I am looking for specific-period mechanics that lend themselves to a Eastern flavor of combat that is appropriate for this conflict. There is a little section on Eastern Warfare, but as a whole, I think BLB2 is more geared for Western I correct?

I am also curious if anyone has made any army lists or such and recommendations that they can make if I decide to use this set of rules for gaming the conflict, sizes of units, organization, and what can be done to give it the "feel" for Vienna 1683.

Thank you
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Re: Using BLB for Vienna 1683

Post by RogerC » Thu Mar 16, 2017 4:45 pm

Not played BLBv2 so I cant comment. I do know that GAPA are designed to work more around the Eastern world with some emphasisi on Great Northern War but also each of the nations you mention. I have recently bought the PDF for about £5 and they look good, not played but heard good things.
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Re: Using BLB for Vienna 1683

Post by barr7430 » Wed Mar 22, 2017 5:09 pm

BLB2 has an Eastern Wars supplementary section dealing with Turks/ armour etc

As I have more than a passing interest in the GNW it was fairly integral to the planning process when the rules were realised. It is not necessary to over complicate rule systems with too much fluff around 'theatres' but GNW and Turks need to have issues relating to:

skirmishing cavalry
Irregular infantry/horse covered
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