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BLB 3 Charging retreating unit question

Posted: Sun Dec 02, 2018 7:35 pm
by Gordon Hazelton
After another excellent game using these rules a question occurred that we couldn't work out from the rules.

A unit is in retreat and charged by a squadron of horse meaning in takes a morale test upon being charged. If it gets a shaken or pass result does it then cease being a unit in retreat and will then fight, obviously with its back to the enemy. We assume if it gets a retreat result it will continue to try and run away which in our situation was a better outcome than being hit in the rear. The rules also state that a unit in retreat cannot fight. What happens if contacted by the enemy? Does it just take the combat result without shaking any dice?

Re: BLB 3 Charging retreating unit question

Posted: Wed Dec 05, 2018 5:41 am
by flick40
It's not really covered in the rules Gordon. My take would be as follows.

First the charging horse has to pass morale to charge.

Retreat and routing units are not interested in sticking around so ignore the rule that they have to check morale and move to (pg 70) 1/4 increments to see if contact is made. If yes then retreating units do not fight back, routed units are destroyed.

Alternatively they check morale and if passed can attempt to turn 1 stand to face if the charging unit is over 1/2 a charge move away.

I don't feel that a retreating unit should be allowed to use the morale check for being charged as a rally check to regain morale. i.e. they should not get a better result than they have already.

Arguments can be made either way. You just have to make a call in the heat of the battle as they say to keep the game rolling. Barry may have other ideas how he feels this situation should be handled based on his designs.

Thanks Joe

Re: BLB 3 Charging retreating unit question

Posted: Sat Dec 08, 2018 10:23 am
by Adam Hayes
We have certainly played it the first way round and it always feels a bit harsh on the infantry. A morale check to see if they (sensibly) turn and defend themselves would be a likely reaction as a retreat isnt supposed to be as bad as a rout.

Re: BLB 3 Charging retreating unit question

Posted: Wed Dec 12, 2018 8:28 pm
by Gordon Hazelton
Thanks for your comments. As per your replies I do think the rules are ambiguous on this. Barry could you let us know what your intention in the rules are?

Re: BLB 3 Charging retreating unit question

Posted: Thu Dec 20, 2018 2:13 pm
by barr7430
Sorry to be a bit late to this Gentlemen, the joys of a mobile career.

The interpretations offered by Joe and Adam are good for me although I may add some perspective for consideration -
Horse in retreat are not cohesive and pretty much trying to get away from whatever upset them as quickly as possible but in a together sort of fashion. If they continue to retreat after the morale check they may well escape - probably a good result IF at some moment in the offing, they have the strength, proximate officers and the opportunity to attempt to rally.
If they are caught in the rear it is down to the dice but as a minimum they will take one casualty for attrition as will the attackers regardless of the number of hits. This will, together with the fact that they are in retreat and disordered already (and may have sustained losses), make a rally difficult if not impossible.
If they PASS the check and there is time to turn to face (as Joe says - half of the total charge move of their attackers), I would let them fight disordered and at the halt. Heck, they've done well enough to turn around and try and protect themselves so as a sportsman, I think this is fitting. Again, it depends on their strength at that point, troop quality, the type, number and quality of their opponents whether they prevail but the odds are agin them.

Hope this helps.