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MoE rules deluxe

Posted: Sat Sep 21, 2019 2:06 pm
by Leondegrande

I've got the complete and revised rules from Barry and they are fantastic.
Thanks for that.

Will translate them to german and start playing them.
They are ideal for pick up games on 6x4' tables.
And they are a great chance to bring new players to that era.

With the simple point and quality system, the focus on 5-10 units per side and even the artillery and cavalry included they are exactly what I had looked for at 28mm.

The game mechanics look simple but well thought and adequate and the activation idea is very tactical. With R2E in mind a lot of the rules look like a light version, which makes the MoE rules perfect for convention/demo games and as entry to R2E or napoleonic gaming in general.

My favorite is the characters section with those 12 characters you can buy for units, especially the priest for some irregular russian units. Do you place the characters directly into the units or beside? In the former version there were special places defined to them.

Horse artillery has no additional cost, is that intended (I guess so, because you have to pay activation from other units to handle them properly)?

Anyone else using this brilliant rules to play 28mm napoleonic games?


Re: MoE rules deluxe

Posted: Mon Sep 23, 2019 9:20 pm
by Leondegrande
I cannot upload the german pdf version of the rules here.
If you are interested you can find it under: ... of-eagles/

But you have to be registered to see any content in our clubforum.

With this version I will start to test the rules and come back with all the questions and comments I probably will have ater a bunch of games.

So here it starts :)

La Victoire est à Nous!

Re: MoE rules deluxe

Posted: Wed Nov 13, 2019 1:55 pm
by Leondegrande
The updated MoE ruleset works very well for what it was made for.

Fast play, funny action, historical adequate feeling of moving units, thrilling activations and dice rolls, loss of total power (the less the quality of troops the more loss of power :) ), a good usage of a 6'x4' table with 28mm figures (which is quite not that easy), free list building and players can bring the figures they have, ideal for starter of napoleonic wargaming (or wargaming in general), easy to expand the points and number of players, very motivating to paint another 200-300 miniatures :)

Here some addons and clarifications after some games we use:

22,5° template for shooting, army roster to note the casualties and a moral marker in case moral tests are needed

The minimum distance is 4" in case of enemy units and 1" for friendly units

Only units that are not fleeing or fighting are able to pass their activation to another unit.

The unit must be at least 50% covered to get the bonus or stand directly behind it in case of a hedge or wall.

The charging unit must not see the enemy unit they are charging at the beginning of their move.

In case the artillery unit lose the combat they are automatically removed from play.

- a test is also needed for friendly units in case they see a unit being destryoed in combat
- in case the unit losses a round of combat it has to make immedately a moral test (in all other cases only during the activation)
- a moral test modification remains active to the next test, even if that is done next round
- a fleeing unit moves directly away from the reason (breaking from combat or shooting enemy) they are fleeing or the shortest way to the own table edge
- a artillery unit failing a moral test is disordered instead of fleeing