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Building a Prussian force

Posted: Sun Dec 23, 2012 8:23 pm
by EdHeise
I am building a Prussian force and am modeling the units I create in order to use them in a generic 'division' and to use them in the scenario posted elsewhere on this site "Old soldiers never die..."

My quandry is that many of the units are small in the scenario, so how do I model the 12 figure Jaeger detachment, for example; as a set of 6 two man skirmish stands or as 2 six man stands? Which will work best considering my desire to use them outside this scenario?

Same with the odd numbers in the other infantry detachments...the 20 model garrison of Gertruden kirchof? As an 8 model stand with 3 more four figure stands? or stick to 3 six figure stands and mark on the roster the true strength?

Thanks in advance

Re: Building a Prussian force

Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2013 1:06 pm
by Friedrich August I.

Sorry for the late reply, must have missed that :oops:

Skirmish fighting units may be placed as single figure bases or in two's or what ever basing suits you best and to be used outside the scenario.

In case of the unit in the building you are on the right track. The numbers of miniatures in the unit on the table have not to match the actual number present. The 'artistic licenses' most of us are using is to do, like in my case, a 36 figure battalion that has a paper strenght of 40 figures.
In your case that may be a 24 figure unit on the table which has only 20 figures in a certain scenario. Such units suits also the term 'Fog of War'!

Hope that helps,