Optional Artillery Rule

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Optional Artillery Rule

Post by PaulMc » Mon May 11, 2015 3:28 pm

Hi gentlemen,

After reading plenty of battle accounts, campaign histories and tactical books I had several ideas for optional rules for R2E. I ran this first one past Barry at Carronade on Saturday and he liked it.

Normally after four turns of firing a battery has to pull out of the line to refit, but so many accounts tell of batteries in action for hours without moving. Why not have the option of keeping the battery in the line but for each turn over the fourth there is a chance of losing a gun model? This could be an exploding or melting barrel, an accident with gunpowder or such like. This would allow commanders to keep a battery in action at a crisis or to add extra weight to a bombardment.

I thought 1d6 and with a roll of 1 on the first turn over four you lose a gun model. Next turn 1 or 2, to a maximum of 1,2 or 3 for subsequent turns?

Any thoughts?
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Re: Optional Artillery Rule

Post by Friedrich August I. » Mon May 11, 2015 3:52 pm

Hi Paul,

It is an interesting Idea you have here.
IMHO the rules RtE serve the purpose well enough and the changes allready done are more than suitable for a better feeling of Artillery in the Napoleonic Wars.
It is all mathematics. Firing for 1 Hour 2 shots per minute would spent almost the complete amount of Ammo within the Caisson. Depending on the calibre of the gun this moment happens almost at the same time as lighter guns firing faster and heavier guns slower. So referring to your rule suggestion they would probably run out of ammo after firing one more turn. But if you decide to firing not 4 turns in a row you may prolonge the moment for a while until you have four rounds spent.

Example: A Saxon 6pdr Caisson carried about 132 roundshot and 30 Canister. You can count for yourself how long this would have lasted. But the Saxons kept up an Artillery Park with a supply of Ammo to replenish the exhausted caissons. Therefore the Refit Rule would be suitable.

My 2 Cts.


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