King Williams War Options

Feedback and questions from the magnificent 7 Play test groups in Edinburgh, Dumfries, Sweden, Cheltenham, Arizona, Georgia and Florida.
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King Williams War Options

Post by Redmist1122 » Wed Feb 17, 2010 10:27 pm

Last night we played a scenario that Barry wrote from WI #260, "Assualting the Breastworks". I chose this sceanrio due to majority of the units were already placed on the table.
This is our first go at using the King Williams War Options from BLB 2nd Edition playtest copy.

While waiting for our local subject matter expert to compile a response from our recent feedback, we opted to play out a different type of game.

Questions about the scenario:

1. Was it intentional for having the New Englander gun out of range to hit the French fortifications?

2. Though not mentioned in the scenario, the gun was not given any orders to move accross the river - they stood on their side of the river, and was able later in the game to shoot at the Canadian militia coming out of the woods.

The scenario at first seems one side for the French. Once we started to play it out, the "open order" troops are definitly at a disadvatage for charging, but very effective for shooting.

A few items we identified last night:
The regulars are given a bonus for first fire @ +4, but the open order troops are given +2 modifier - every time they shoot - is that correct?
In the main rules, a Risk to Officers is taken when he is attached to a unit from Close Combat - for this period we felt a leader is more at risk at the company level from musketry fire as well. Something to think about.
The main rules cover the "Charge Home" process for cavalry, but does not mentioned anything about infantry taking fire while charging. We found the morale check results on the charts only. Could be adding in the main rules.

We had good intentions on using a mix of single based figures and based figures for the Tribal units - Native Americans and Canadian Militia to see what, if any impact they may have. Unfortunatley the game was won before the single base figures made it out of the woods. My whole F&IW set is all single based for use with "This Very Ground" rule system, so it was not a big deal for any rebasing. For the other units that came out, we just seperated each base by one inch.

I would say for our group, we had very enjoyable night playing this scenario - an all infantry action! All previous games pretty much ended up as a cavalry action. We played out the scenario until one New Englander unit made it over the breastworks that cause a French army morale test. Two things about that morale test; We only tested the French units that were visible on the table. The ones that failed - there was not a "Reason for Morale Test" table to cover their action, so we used the "Has seen friendly foot rout" table. Maybe add something scenario specifics. Since this was written for BLB 1, may need to re-work the minor issues for your three sceanrios.

Here are a few pics of the game: ... 0-%20Game/
Greg P.
Tucson, AZ, USA
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