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Victory without Quarter 10mm basing

Posted: Sat Apr 19, 2014 10:38 am
by old smokie
anyone playing using 10mm figures, how are you basing your units ? number of pike and shotte per unit etc

Re: Victory without Quarter 10mm basing

Posted: Mon Dec 05, 2016 5:19 pm
by CoachB
I'm in the process of building in 10mm also. Still have not decided upon basing and number of figs per base.

Originally I was thinking of 40mm square for all troop types,
8 muskets per base in two ranks of 4
12 pike per base in three ranks of 4
Trotters 2-3 per base
Gallopers 4 per base
1 gun plus crew per base

Then I was thinking of doing Pike and Artilley on 40s and Shotte on 40x20s and Trotters on 40x60 in two ranks of 2 and Gallopers on 60x40 in one rank of 6.

Then I was thinking of 30 squares for everybody.

Still dont know, I need to just get all the different base sizes in front of me and place minis in different arrangements.

However, my current time is preoccupied with painting more 28s for my ECW armies :-)

Re: Victory without Quarter 10mm basing

Posted: Thu Dec 29, 2016 3:46 pm
by DHautpol
My ECW units are made up with Pendraken figures and I opted to base them on the base sizes suggested for 15mm (i.e. half the recommended 28mm base sizes) and pack on the figures. I thought that most of the battles I was going to fight would be smallish affairs of maybe 5-6 foot and 3-4 horse on each size so the space needed was likely to be relatively small whether it was 15mm base sizes or even smaller 10mm base sizes.

This turned out as 2 bases of foot of 30mm x 30mm (8 figures in two lines plus an officer and a drummer at the rear), and 1 base of pikes of 30mm x 40mm (12 pike in three lines plus 3 ensigns in the front). The extra depth is to accommodate the ensigns.

Horse are 40mm x 30mm with 4 figures on each bases.

Re: Victory without Quarter 10mm basing

Posted: Sun Jan 08, 2017 4:15 pm
by CoachB
Over the holiday break I was able to breakout my bases and play around with basing and decided that going with half the suggested base size from the rules works better for my 10mm armies. Here's what I'm doing.

All infantry on 30x30 bases, 5 shotte per base and 9 pike per base. To make the commanded shot different, they have 6 per base.

All horse on 40 frontage X 30 depth, gallopers 3 per base, trotters 2 per base and when I slip over to TYW Cuirassier will be 4 per base.

I'm doing artillery a bit different just because it looks better for me. Filed artillery is 60mm frontage by 40mm, this allows me to place 2 guns and 5 crew on the Base and place gabions on the base also.

Light artillery is 1 gun, 4 crew on a 40x40 base.

CnC on 30 rounds and Brigadiers on 20 rounds.

Now on to painting!