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VWQ Battle Situation: multi-unit combat

Posted: Sun Oct 09, 2016 8:48 pm
by itchysama
Greetings Gamers,

Over the weekend playing VWQ, we had a situation where 3 units got involved in frontal contact melee. We worked out a possible solution, but would like some input.

Situation: Parliament infantry unit (2 shot, 1 pike in line) was defending a hedge (light cover obstacle). The obstacle covered 2 of the 3 stands. (See image below)


As Parliament 1 was defending an obstacle it was, by that definition, allowed to be charged by infantry.

Parliament 1 was charged by Royalist foot unit A (in line) that contacted only 2 of the 3 stands. Initial round of combat we had all 3 stands of each side fight. This fight lead to them being locked in combat (no unsaved hits).

Royalist unit B, gets activated, and charges in (since there is a stand of Parliament 1 free of other unit frontally, and is defending an obstacle). In this case, since the other stands of the Parliament unit 1 were engaged, only 1 stand of Parliament 1 fought vs Royalist B. Since Royalist B unit was in column it also only has 1 stand fighting (2d6 for each side). Parliament bounced the Royalist B with 1 unsaved hit vs none.

1. Should Royalist B unit have been allowed to assault Parliament 1 unit in the first place?
2. If Royalist B also locked in combat Parliament 1, would the next time Parliament 1 was activated, would it be fighting 4 bases of enemy?

Optional Rule addition: Disordered.
The British Isles are infamous for having loads of hedges, low stone walls separating small fields. Having units go through them it seemed very draconian to have the units be "shaken" (as it affects not just melee/combat, but morale checks too). So we came up with the following option.

Units not in open order that are in, or passing through obstacles/difficult terrain are disordered until the unit completely clears the terrain and receives their next order (via unit card, brigade commander or CinC). There is no morale check to clear the disorder.

Effects of disorder: Pikes are not steady, no volley fire allowed, enemy cav may charge without a morale test, enemy infantry may charge them.

We found this to work out very well in our 2 games this weekend. Thought/suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

Re: VWQ Battle Situation: multi-unit combat

Posted: Mon Oct 10, 2016 12:45 pm
by quindia
My initial response, especially with VWQ given its obviouse --bones presentation, is do what feels right to you. Your solution is a good one.

However, I will say that I don't allow charges in column at my table! It doesn't say that in the PDF, but the column is called a march column. The column was generally not a combat formation during the period. I WOULD allow a charge across a bridge or through a narrow defile when that was the only option, but stacking into columns is not generally allowed as a means to bring more units to bear in combat!

Re: VWQ Battle Situation: multi-unit combat

Posted: Mon Oct 10, 2016 5:23 pm
by itchysama
Again, thanks for your timely reply.
I did forget to display/mention there was a hedge line forcing the Royalist unit B into column to move at all, but agree with your assessment that march columns are not a combat formation unless across a bridge.

Ok. On to Millennium Con next month to spread the joy of VWQ.