For sale: Naps, LoA & WSS, WW2, some rules and bits and pieces

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For sale: Naps, LoA & WSS, WW2, some rules and bits and pieces

Post by CarolusRex » Thu May 17, 2018 5:49 pm

As i said in a previous post I need to get rid of the following things. I plan to be at Partizan next Sunday (20th) if anyone should wish to have a look at anything!

All the stuff is 28mm, except the FoW, obviously.
Some of the details have changed. I catalogued the lot some time ago and have since given away bits and pieces. If you are interested ask – I will give a 100% accurate count! The differences will be minimal. I can provide photographs of course.


Naps. Two pretty good and varied armies. French and British (with a number of Portuguese infantry units) with lots of command figures, stands etc. The command elements were painted mostly by Conflict in Colour, the infantry by Artmaster, March Attack and an ebayer who used to go by the name Waterloo_1815 (I think), and the cavalry by a mixture of these plus some amazing Royals by a lady whose name I forget. Only the artillery is not painted, though there is a lot of it to go!
Egyptian foundry DBA army Painted consistently to a good wargames standard
Mongols Curteys Anatomically challenged but nicely painted – two styles.


HYW ENGLISH Large and reasonably varied lot, with all the troop types. Essex, Crecy and Poitier period. Painting, when done, is mostly adequate and neat-ish rather than inspirational.


Loads of perry/victrix plastic and metal Naps At the moment i'm planning more to give them away to anyone brave enough to buy the painted figures!

Big load of Dixon League of Augsburg. Their Grand Alliance British and European army deal ( with some extra stuff:
Horses 24 Riders (some dragoons as well) 24
Officers 4 mounts 3
Spears and some halberds and half-pikes
111 foot –
EG2 pioneer group
2x med art and crew
1 large gun (for crew see below in foundry ‘new’ WSS)*

WSS British These used to be called foundry 'new' most of these now discontinued (these look like the foundry syw and Caesarian Roman style)
18 foot plus 4 infantry characters, 5 infantry in camp and 5 mixed command figures.
6 6 Heavy cavalry troopers (no cuirass)
batt gun and gunners 1&2
Heavy art crew and gun (gun is Dixon miniatures)*
Foundry – Perry for same period
18 British foot plus 6 command
6 french grenadiers

AWI Foundry and Perry
12 Hesse-Cassel garrison musketeers
46 American infantry/continentals advancing/charging fixed bayonets
31 American militia/Infantry without bayonets and some variety of weapons
15 American infantry/continentals marching with fixed bayonets
3 Cavalry and one horse

Battlefront FoW books: rules and source books (nearly all) 2nd edition; 3rd edition rules; and 4th edition 1942–43 intro, rules and stuff to adapt 39-41 and 44-45 source books for 4th edition

Battlefront FoW miniatures: extensive stuff for western Europe 44-45 and some for desert/Italy 40-43

All Saga rulebooks, sourcebooks etc etc 1st edition

FoG rulebook and a lot of sourcebooks 1st edition

Some bits and pieces

Gripping Beast
8 Arthurian mounted
5 caesarian legionaries
8 horses – new? There are at least 8 of the new horses in the GB stuff, but I can’t tell the difference.
Later Crusades: 4x Turcopoles, 4x Command
2 huscarles
First Crusade: 20 pilgrims and archers/xbow, 15 mounted inc lighter armoured (normans), 8 heavy/med inf.

Old Glory
17 Hospitallers mounted, 3 on foot, includes High Command

Black Tree
43 Anglo-saxons

Wargames Foundry
8 hypaspists 5 others from greek range
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