Good starter British (and allies) and French Napoleonics 28mm

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Good starter British (and allies) and French Napoleonics 28mm

Post by CarolusRex » Tue Mar 12, 2019 11:05 am

I put this lot up for sale a bit hidden somewhere in a long list of items a while earlier. I recently discovered some more unpainted stuff which I plan to sell at really low prices as part of the deal (at the moment - i have a fair bit of work to do to organise everything properly for a sale).

At the moment please just message me if you are at all interested. At some point, i will get the whole lot up with images and eventually put it on ebay (only perhaps to the latter).

thanks for reading this


For Sale:

Two pretty good and varied starter armies. French and British (with a number of Portuguese infantry units) with lots of command figures, stands etc. The command elements were painted mostly by Conflict in Colour, the infantry by Artmaster, March Attack and an ebayer who used to go by the name Waterloo_1815 (I think), and the cavalry by a mixture of these plus some amazing Royals by a lady whose name I forget. Only the artillery is not painted, though there is a lot of it to go!

I have a good number of lesser quality photos shot with my mobile phone if you want to see at least what is on offer exactly.
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