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Posted: Sun May 26, 2019 5:08 pm
by curassier
Items below for sale.
Postage is included in the price for UK sales.

Lot 1:
Charles S. Grant
Refighting History volume 1: Seven year war Fighting Withdrawals."

Lot 2:
"All Honour is Lost: Scenarios & Regulations for Wargaming First Carlist War
Spiral bound

Lot 3:
Republic to Empire Napoleonic Wargaming rules
2009 paperback edition

Lot 4:
The Wargamers Annual Summer Special 2016

Lot 5:
The Italian campaign of 1859: Campaigns, Battles and Equipment
Edited by Stephen Summerfoeld
Ken Trotman publishing.

Lot 6
The Age of Eagles War-game Rules for Napoleonic Era based upon Fire and Fury
Col. Bill Gray
Spiral bound

The following lots are French language A4 size magazines profusely illustrated in colour, mainly special editions of Tradition Magazine and great sources for uniforms and scenarios..

Lot 7:
Napoleon et Les troupes Polonaises 1797-1815.

Lot 8:
1815 Le Retour de l'Aigle et la Dernière Victoire.

Lot 9:
1814-La Campagne de France, la Rotheire Champaubert,Montmirail (1st part).

Lot 10:
Automne 1813 Napoleon et la Bataille des Nations.

Lot 11:
Aout 1813 - napoleon face a L'Europe Coalisee: Gorssbeeren, Katzbach, Dresde et Kulm

Lot 12:
Napoleon et la Campagne de saxe-1813

Lot 13:
Special edition of La Revue Napoleon
La Defense des Frontieres en 1814

Many thanks for looking
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