Rules question - characters with designated level "cost"

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Rules question - characters with designated level "cost"

Post by DavidN » Mon Oct 24, 2016 12:11 pm

I have one question according characters with designated quality level (Weapon Master or Tall Stranger for example).
Which character slot they take? We agreed that the closest highest, but is it correct?
For example, I play 4pts Tribal Faction. I choose simply 3 units of Recruits (d6 level) and 1 Elite unit (d10). I want to take a Weapon Master. So, I will have D12 Hero, D12 Weapon Master nad 3 D6 characters? O.K.? If I choose any other character than WM, it will have d10 level.
What about low level designated quality characters? Some have d6...
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Re: Rules question - characters with designated level "cost"

Post by quindia » Mon Oct 24, 2016 1:05 pm

You are correct. Apply the closest unit quality for these type of characters. You shouldn't use a d6 slot to take a Weapon Master for example and then choose another d10 character. If you have ALL d6 units, then you MAY still choose the Weapon Master (but good luck, these kinds of forces are a bit hapless).

Same goes for the d6 scrubs. If all you have are d8 or better units, you loose out a bit, but these lowly characters normally have abilities that make up for it.

Usually following the spirit of the rules will lead you in the right direction!
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