Wargames factory WSS question

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Re: Wargames factory WSS question

Post by Sir William » Thu Oct 20, 2011 12:16 pm

"And "Hi" Bill :D"

Hello there my friend! Still riding about playing soldier and waving swords and such? I haven't seen you on the WF Forum lately, at least not since the Cavalry was unveiled and we offered our comments. 8)

Hope you didn't mind my posting your pic of the Bavarians, its one of the better-painted WF regiments that I've received pics of and I thought would illustrate what could be done with the figures.

Actually Andy, to your comment about gaiters vs stockings; they're still the same figures you and I got. Some folks out there feel that the calves are a bit "thick" and the shoes ill-defined, and have chosen to do a bit of sanding around the shoe top and then paint the calf as if in gaiters. I think Steve Cady probably did this the best, as he actually blended the whole thing in well and then built up the gaiter edge and buttons with a bit of 3D paint work. Since this seems to work well (if executed well), I'm now counting it as a "plus" for the WF figures.

You need to drop me an e-mail offline at wpmchenry AT charter DOT net sometime. In my continuing quest for "something a little different", since WF only offered two heads with floppy hat, another friend across the pond sent me a huge stash of Warlord ECW floppy hats from both their Cav and Foot sets and I'm busy sanding down WF heads to accept these new chapeau. I may mix in a few Redoubt heads as well, just for a little more variety. Also have some WF "news" for you, again, offline. Take care my friend!

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Re: Wargames factory WSS question

Post by pogo » Fri Oct 21, 2011 1:24 pm

Sir William wrote:Alex - Glad to see you finally got your order sorted out after the management change, and it looks like it was to your advantage! Excellent job on the pic's shown.
Hi Bill,

after waiting for 5 months for my order i started to make some noice on the web, i promptly got an offer for refund which i accepted and received within 2 hours (so something they did well)
i had completely taken my mind of them and continue with WSS in 6mm (where i now have 58 battalions, 43 squadrons and 8 cannon and counting)
when suddenly there was a delivery from the 7 boxes while i was on holiday
i asked WF to come and recover this unwanted delivery but they declined and let me keep it, so that was the first 7 boxes for free :)
when i showed them at the club another member got interested and at that moment WF offered them at 9.99$ so we ordered 15 boxes from which i took 7, customs included for 100 euro
so now it is only the painting, 96 finished, 24 prepped, 384 still on sprue :)
for the cav i declined to buy them straight from WF and ordered thru VVV (zedeyeyou) instead, waiting with anticipation

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