Malplaquet, 1709/2009

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Darth Louis' Death Star

Post by Rogerdodger » Sat Sep 05, 2009 5:54 pm

I recall that my lower jaw narrowly missed wrecking the entire table as it dropped onto the floor. For the benefit of those not present a masked 4 gun model position battery unmasked itself on the Dutch right flank as they started getting to grips with the French in the woods on the extreme left flank from Malrborough's point of view. It started removing entire Dutch battalions at a go before they managed to leg it out of range. On reflection I think that I escaped very lightly. I managed to destroy it with a series of cavalry charges. This was surely too generous of my opponents. I think they were very unlikely to have silenced Louis's unfeasably large superguns in real life. Surely the gunners would retire to the safety of the earthworks long before the cavalry got anywhere near them. The guns would then seemingly come back to life once the cavalry had cleared off. As for the gun models themselves, they looked more like the monster in that old move, The Pride and the Passion with Carry Grant.
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