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Post by barr7430 » Thu Mar 05, 2009 11:01 pm

Kev's + Dale's 10 buildings + a stand by stock from Colin (Bill Gilchrist's) will see us home and dry Dave!

Dales rolling stock and track would be good - two parallel straight stretches of track with locos and wagons sitting on would be the cream on the cake. I will let everyone see a copy of the day 2 map shortly.

Well done us!

Bob, I will provide 8 of the city scape boards and if you/Peter can supply the rest - plain tiles or some with straight roads will be brillo
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Angus Konstam
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Post by Angus Konstam » Mon Mar 09, 2009 3:39 pm


I have a dozen or so buildings suitable for 28mm, but they're all old-fashioned timber-frame jobs - suitable for Europe in the 18-19th century, or England during the ECW, but probably not ideal for the streets of Aachen (or wherever you want to recreate). They're all from PMC - you know the sort of thing. However, at a pinch they might pass for old German buildings. I also have about six feet of HO railway track, with foam underlay. Let me know what you'll need, as I'll have to arrange transport with my driver (Dave O'B.)

Also, please remember to bring rules for aircraft, as I plan to bring up Terry the Typhoon!

Pip Pip,

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